The Red Lemon

After its establishment, Red Lemon Media quickly became one of the leading PR managements in the Hungarian tabloid area. We have retained our leading role in that field, however, our spectrum of activities has expanded in accordance with market demands. Red Lemon Media has gained considerable experience in trade communications as well as in B2B and B2C with a rather strong social media presence.

Our clientele is quite colorful: we provide services to market leading radio stations, music festivals, TV shows, newspapers, alcoholic beverage brands, sport brands, telecommunications and e-commerce companies.  We also work with pharmaceutical companies and perform activities to a whole portfolio of TV channels.

Class FM, Jóban Rosszban, The Famous Grouse, Finlandia, Jack Daniel’s, El Jimador, Nike, Dockyard, Sorel, TEVA, EFOTT, Telenor, Jófogá, SportKlub, Universal Channel, Viva, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, VIVA Comet, Glamour, CKM, Joy

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