Our main activities include consumer public relations for local and multinational corporations, events and movies, but we also do B2B and tabloid PR-jobs for media companies and celebrities. Furthermore, we deal with strategic and PR-guidance, press reviews and crisis communication too. We also plan and organize complex marketing campaigns. We highly emphasize the importance of planning and delivering professional social media campaigns.


  • General consumer and professional PR communication
  • Providing different media with constant flow of information; generating, synchronizing and dividing media appearances; coordinating connection in the media
  • Media planning and strategies; PR-guidance
  • Trends in communication; laying down the basics – writing slogans, messages, ads and building them into the corporate communicational strategies
  • Writing: B2B and B2C press releases; corporate newsletters; writing, editing, translating and planning brochures
  • Crisis communication
  • Press reviews; summaries about the appearances; monitoring competitors; writing media analysis


  • Customized style and visual content
  • Producing online videos and spot campaigns
  • Securing manpower / professionals in required areas: creative expert; graphic specialist; production leader; and media professional
  • Working with industry-leading partners in online-, radio- and TV production jobs

Social Media

  • Handling and administration of Facebook and other social media on a daily basis (writing posts; creating graphical elements; moderation; monthly reports)
  • Managing and optimizing Facebook-ads
  • Organizing and coordinating media participants and celebrities for events